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Why CrescoNet

Vendor agnostic integrated solutions for Utilities.
Now and Forever

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The Freedom To Choose

Incumbent vendors sell ‘what’s on their truck’, the result of decisions they made for their needs, likely years ago. As a result, they try to shoe-horn your requirements into their products, and not the other way around!

CrescoNet is different – we create for you reliable, cost-effective solutions using the best-of-breed solutions from a variety of vendors creating a near-limitless solution to address your needs.

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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Unlike others, we guarantee our results with strict service level agreements and performance assurance.  We offer flexible deployment and operational packages, including turn-key deployments and project financing – that’s putting our money where our mouth is!

Augmenting & Migrating Aging AMI
  • Augment AMI Networks:  New Bandwidth/ Performance for Integrated Multi-Purpose Utility Operations

  • Leverage Multi-Carrier Public Cellular:   Evolve to Modern Communications and Telemetry

  • Leverage Improved Technology:  Standards, Security, Low Power, Low Latency, Reliability, Scalability

  • Enable Edge Compute:    Beyond-the Meter ,Sensors, Infill Meters, Bellwether Meters

  • De-risk Network Obsolescence:   Guaranteed compatibility with future 5G & Future Provider Redirect.

  • Expand Procurement Choice:  Carrier Agnostic, Vendor Agnostic Systems Integrator Approach

  • Leverage Growing Ecosystem:  Ride the Wave  of product access based on common LTE, 5G standards

  • Upgrade Safety:  New Applications, and Integrated Alarms, Alerts, Control.

  • Upgrade Security:  Leverage Extensive Industry Standards and Compliance

  • Speed to Savings:  Deploy previously Unreachable Applications, No RFP, No Rate Case

  • Deal Simplicity:   Get on when you’re Ready.  Pay as You Go.

  • Test and Prepare:  For Future Second Wave AMI Refresh

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Out-Performing Alternative Public Cellular
  • Systems Integrator Model: Carrier Agnostic and Meter/Sensor Vendor Agnostic.  Power to Choose. 

  • Bundled Notifications Engine:   Unlocks value, savings and safety through Alerts and Alarms

  • Self-Service Front-end:    Simplicity and Value to light up key applications without contracts, RFP , Delays

  • Deal Simplicity:   Get on when you’re Ready.  Pay as You Go.

  • Speed to Savings: Rapid, Sprint Prototyping of Key Utility Target Applications, Ideas and Use Cases

  • Edge Compute:  Horsepower, Protocols, Standards for Beyond-The-Meter Edge Applications

  • Evolution Approach:   New Applications, Bellwether Meters, Infill Meters,  C&I Refresh

  • Domain Integration:   For Multi-Application Utility Use Cases and OpEx Savings

  • Exceptional SLAs:    Overlays enhance Quality of Service and avoid cellular overages

  • Obsolescence Risk Mitigation:    Multi-Carrier Design, 5G Upgradeable,  Future Provider Redirect

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