Creating Unique Value for Utilities

CrescoNet offers flexible, scalable and pay-as-you-go models with best-in-class security, longevity and functionality to optimally target your current and future energy needs.


Our solutions come with exceptional service life, the lowest possible rollout efforts and costs, open and easily extendable design allowing you to reinvent your business case by adding new value and in-life capabilities.

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As a specialist in metering combined with unprecedented advanced cellular IoT capability, we guarantee our customers the same or better SLA’s as with private networks – and this at the same or lower total cost ownership.

Our advanced cellular connectivity comes with scalable and secure SIM management, built-in flexibility for data allowance, hardware and service longevity guarantee with OTW coverage, best in class connectivity and coverage, no billing for undeployed meters or roaming charges.

With our 24/7/365 professional support and helpdesk, we guarantee you undisturbed operations and full transparency with intuitive online reporting and dashboards.

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CrescoNet's managed services wrapper for connectivity and data services allows flexible, scalable and pay-as-you-go service models with best-in-class security, longevity and functionality.


We harness the power of energy data to help you optimize your operations, reduce expenditure and focus on innovation. CrescoNet managed data and data insight services enable you to anticipate disruption, plan ahead and increase your grid edge visibility.


Unlock the data insights you need at the time you need them.

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Metering as a Service

Are you interested in the full outsourcing of metering? Bring your assets, bring your fuel.

Pain and a risk-free way where you can use your own meters and get secure, on-time and accurate metering data delivery by CrescoNet straight into your enterprise systems.

CrescoNet provides financing, development and implementation of digital energy infrastructure assets with a best-in-class service guarantee.


Our specialized asset finance experience enables us to develop innovative solutions tailored to deliver maximum benefits for our customers.

Advanced Energy

At CrescoNet, our innovation and expertise, enable us to continuously introduce new services, enhancing your operations with reliable solutions tailored to your needs.


Contact us for device diagnostic support, guaranteed firmware download service, real-time meter data feed, VPP support, EV and OEM home integration.