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CrescoNet is an advanced cellular utility solutions company, enabling utilities to deliver on the promise of a more sustainable future through a unique offering of cloud to cloud DER devices, next-gen metering, and many other integrated digital technologies

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The Freedom To Choose

Vendor agnostic integrated solutions for Utilities. Now and Forever.


CrescoNet integrates and manages the best available solutions for your unique situation and budget, giving you the leverage and freedom to choose. 

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From Limited to Limitless

Robust, cost-effective, IP communication networks have arrived with best-of-class bandwidth, security and standards.


The technology marketplace is delivering an exciting and growing ecosystem of industrial-grade advanced metering and measurement devices, IoT Sensors, and edge devices.  And so are we. 

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Unleash full IoT Potential

CrescoNet integrates multipurpose private and public m2m networks, new endpoints, applications and analytics to refresh your utility networks and applications.  And unleash new ones.


Partner with us to update, consolidate, and expand your advanced metering, power distribution, demand response, and renewables networks.

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